“Boko Haram Is Sponsored By M.E.N.D” – Sheik Gumi WHO IS BEHIND THESE MASSACRES?

The fact that many educated youth will throng into
squares for immigration interviews looking for any
available job -we all know quite well government
salary is nothing to go home about- shows the level
of want and economic hardship the nation is going
through. You can die just looking for a job! If
educated youth can not get a job, businesses are
collapsing and closing, those that have no access
to any governmental amenities – electricity, tap
water, hospitals , fertilisers, etc are more apt to be
poorer. So who is that rich enough to sponsor
‘gunmen’ or ‘herdsmen’ or BH to be rampaging the
innocent villages both Muslims and Christians in
the north? Men over hundred riding motorcycles
carrying AK47s ravaging communities with
impunity. I know only one terrorist organisation
that is rich enough to sponsor mercenaries to do
this dirty work. The M.E.N.D.
1. They have the venom of hatred for all nigerians
especially the north.
2. Their so called ‘ex members’ are enjoying
government patronage making millions ‘guarding’
oil pipelines.
3. They have declared GEJ must continue over or
hell will loose on nigerians.
4. Theirs misguided provocative statements are
met with state silence or even protection. I never
heard Abati rebutting Asari. Birds of the same
Only a dumb person will be then looking for the
financial source of these mayhems.
Allah saves us all!

BBM PIN:21712DE7


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