My Wife Knows I Sleep With Various Women— Obesere and wife

Popular Fuji singer, Abass Akande Obesere, who was
recently in the news for allegedly having a forceful
carnal knowledge of his lover named Nike, has
express delight in sleeping with the lady.
However, in an interview with Encomuim magazine,
the musician revealed his intention to sue the lady
for libel. He also disclosed that he had wanted to
lavish gifts on Nike until she messed up the plan.
Speaking further on why he would sue Nike for libel,
Obesere stated that it is to teach other ladies a big
lesson. Read excerpts below:
Why are you now the complainant?
I am the complainant at Panti now. I took the case
there because of Nike’s false accusation. And the
police are still conducting their investigations. On
Thursday, March 6, 2014, I went to Panti but she
didn’t show up. Police had to go to her Festac home
address, they couldn’t find her there. It was
discovered that that she left a fake address at the
But you had sex with her?
What are you saying? Somebody who slept in my
house for almost three days? Am I not a man? She
even confessed she enjoyed me better than anybody
ever. So, tell me how can she call that rape? Where is
rape coming in this matter between two adults? I am
surprised o, my brother.
Why did you have sex with her, when you’re
married, even in your house?
I am not an angel. Besides, I am a complete man. So,
you can’t rule that out in a man because we’re all
human beings. But what I can’t do is to rape and I
didn’t rape Nike. That was obvious.
Did she request for money which you couldn’t
Not at all. She didn’t ask for money but within me, I
had a plan to make her happy for meeting me.
But what’s going to happen now?
How? She has messed up the whole relationship now.
There is nothing to talk about again. Nothing can
happen between us again.
But Nike claimed you inserted a ring in her
private part, soon after she started bleeding
(Cuts in) There was nothing like that. She was only
lying, looking for a way of blackmailing me so that
she can achieve her aim. I have only a wedding ring
and the finger bearing that can’t even do anything
like that. I didn’t do anything like that. For a person
to have slept for three days with me and she is now
saying rubbish. Nike is a blatant liar and a scammer.
What’s going to happen next now?
I want to charge her to court for libel. I want her to
learn her lesson. She should stop being dubious. I
also want every girl out there to learn from her. They
should not embark on that kind of shady deal to
swindle men.
Did you regret your action, we mean making
love with Nike?
Not at all. I can’t regret it because it happened
naturally between the two of us.
What was your wife’s reaction to the story?
My wife believes I am a human being. I am not an
angel. She didn’t react badly to it. She only warned
me to be very careful with some women. So far you
married a wife that understands you, a wife that
stands as your mother, you won’t have any problem.
She is like a mother to me.
But don’t you think this allegation is enough to
put your image on the line?
Nothing like that. It can’t in any way damage my
reputation because everybody knows I am not an
angel. I am an entertainer. It can never disturb my
career. Even as I speak to you now, I am somewhere
in Ogbomoso, where I would be performing tonight.

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