GOBE PART 2 !!! Davido Bought His “Aye” Song From Runtown ?

According to sources , this promising act wrote
‘Aye’. As a matter of fact, ‘Aye’ was originally his.
When Davido heard the song, he persuaded
Runtown to sell the song to him, which he did.
As a matter of fact, Davido also wanted to buy
‘Gallardo’, but Runtown refused. Instead Davido
got featured on the track.
This totally makes sense. I’ve always wondered
why the word ‘emergency’ was in the track. I guess
Runtown was leaving his artistic DNA on the song.
Yeah, no wonder Runtown was in the ‘Aye’ video…
Both Songs were produce by same T.spice
Davido and his team may know about this and may
have something to say………….
Just kidding tho……..but this might just be TRUE
……..what do you think?

BBM PIN:21712DE7


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