Unbelievable:- Man Impregnates His own Daughter 3 Times, Says He Decided To Enjoy Her

The bubble finally burst for Obodeke when his
daughter became pregnant the third time and was
unwilling to go for a******n.
According to police reports, the girl had cried out to
neighbours who then reported the matter to the
Ugbowo Police Station in Benin City.
Following the report, the police arrested Obodeke
and he is currently cooling his feet in a police cell.
Narrating her ordeal to Sunday Sun, Favour said
her father started having s€xual intercourse with
her after the death of her mother. “He first
impregnated me and we went for a******n. My
father impregnated me the
second time and I went for another a******n. He
had arranged a doctor at Uselu who has been doing
the a******n.“My father impregnated me the third
time and told me that we should go for another
a******n but I
ran out of the house. He then threatened to deal
with me if I told anybody what has been happening
between us.
“I had to cry out early in the morning which
prompted our neighbours to intervene. Since my
mother was late, anytime my father requested for s
€x, I felt I had no choice than to allow him have s€x
with me,” Favour
explained. In his own account, Obodeke accepted
that he had been sleeping with his daughter and
had impregnated her thrice.
He, however, attributed it to the death of his wife
and his inability to remarry. “It is true that I have
been having s€x with my own daughter.
When she became pregnant the first time, I took
her to one of my doctors at Uselu Quarters who
terminated the pregnancy. I impregnated her the
second time and I took her to the same doctor who
terminated the
pregnancy again. It was when I impregnated her
the third time that she refused to follow me to the
doctor for the a******n. “I decided to be have s€x
with my daughter because my wife is late and I
have not remarried.
I decided to enjoy my own daughter by having s*x
with her. I want my daughter to forgive me
because I have sinned against her. Nobody told me
that what I was doing to my daughter was an
I thought I was enjoying the s€x with my
daughter,” he said The Edo State Commissioner of
Police, Mr. Foluso Adebanjo told Sunday Sun that
the man was arrested on November 22, 2013. He
also explained that the doctor who terminated the
first pregnancies was still at large.
He however assured that the suspect would soon
be charged to court to face the consequence of his

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