Stella McCartney’s Maleficent kids collection

Stella McCartney and Disney team up for a
Maleficent-inspired childrens collection – and it’s
all thanks to the film’s star, Angelina Jolie
Stella McCartney is something of an expert when it
comes to catering for kids. Not only does she have
four of her own (sons Miller and Beckett and
daughters Bailey and Reiley), she’s also got a super-
successful Gap Kids collaboration under her belt and
now a childrenswear line housed under her own
eponymous label too.
Her latest dabble in the world of
tiddlywinks is bound to make her
even more popular with the little
ones though, as it also involves
READ: Stella McCartney
inspired by sister Heather for
autumn 2014 collection
In anticipation of the upcoming
release of Maleficent, Disney’s
retelling of Sleeping Beauty,
McCartney has created an eight-
piece collection for girls and boys
inspired by the film, which is the
untold story of Disney’s most
iconic villain from the 1959
classic Sleeping Beauty.
The collaboration was initiated by
the film’s star, Angelina Jolie, who
invited McCartney to visit the set
of the film. “I’ve always been a
huge fan of Disney growing up, as
was my mother, and I grew up
watching all the films like most kids did,” the
designer tells WWD. “When the opportunity
presented itself and I was invited by Angelina Jolie to
visit the film set, I jumped at the chance.”
The playful capsule collection is inspired by the
characters and visuals from the fairytale and includes
princess-like dresses, sandals and edgy T-shirts and
trainers. Priced from £42 to £105, it will be available
in Stella McCartney stores worldwide and online from
the end of April, as well as select Disney stores.

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